Mother Goose

January 9th – February 1st, 2025

Following the success of ‘Puss in Boots’ we are now preparing to tell the tale of ‘Mother Goose’. One of the oldest pantomime stories around, ‘Mother Goose’ follows the traditional path of good versus bad. Mother Goose, the Dame in our panto is a good and kindly soul, always happy and contented with her lot. The evil spirit ‘Vanity’ boasts that no human is ever happy with their lot and wagers that she can be turned to be discontented by the gift of a simple goose. But Priscilla, the goose in question is no ordinary goose but one with magic powers and the ability to lay eggs of pure gold. Will this newfound wealth be the thing that turns Mother Goose? Will she become vain and unhappy? What will become of Priscilla the magic goose? The production promises to have all the usual hallmarks of a Concordia panto with plenty of comedy, song and dance. Fabulous costumes, scenery and stunning special effects.


If you would like to audition for a principal role in this production keep your eye out on our social media forums for details on how to apply. We will be publishing details of parts available for audition shortly, or you can email us at to express your interest.

Dancer Auditions