The Big Panto Adventure

21 May 2021 – 6 June 2021

So, what is the BIG PANTO ADVENTURE? Well firstly, it is not a stage show! Although it will be staged throughout the whole of the Concordia auditorium, the wing space and the stage. It’s a bit like a theme park ride on foot… with live panto characters popping up all over the place – socially distanced of course! Imagine yourself as a child on a treasure hunt through all the different tales from Panto land… what are you hunting for? The solution to Widow Twankey and Wishee Washee’s dilemma… Their pantomime ‘Aladdin’ finished in January 2020 and they know that by now they should have been recast as new characters! What has gone wrong? Has time been frozen in Panto Land?

At timed intervals bubbles of up to six visitors to the BIG PANTO ADVENTURE will have to gather clues to solve clues in 10 Panto-themed zones – Come on join the adventure!

What magic can be found the other side of the weird wood? Is it a Panto? “ It’s an immersive trip through Panto land, exploring different lands, meeting characters, and solving mysteries.

The Big Panto Adventure is a great way to enjoy the pantomime experience closer than ever before as you are guided through the world of pantomime! Visit Belle’s library, walk into Aladdins cave and wander along Robinson Crusoe’s shores as you immerse yourselves into this enchanted world.

Well, what a fantastic time we have all had in Pantoland with our ‘Big Panto Adventure’ Thank you to all involved in any way, thanks to Pete Watts for his original ideas, thanks to George Russell & Connor Dexter for their technical knowledge. John Watts, Pippa Newbold, Kevin Frost and everyone else who worked tirelessly to create the magic. Thanks to all those in the cast – often taking on various roles at short notice. Thanks to Emma-Jayne & Jen for organising their great team of volunteers! Judy Peatfield for her support in the publicity. So good to welcome back people to our fantastic theatre.

Our Production Team

Original Concept Pete Watts
Scenic and Costume Design – John Hill
Lighting Design – Pete Watts
Technical and Audio/Video – George Russell & Connor Dexter
Sound – Kevin Frost
Original musical arrangements – Steve Sanders

Construction & Installation

Pete Watts, George Russell, Connor Dexter, John Hill, John Watts, Pippa ewbold, Richard Warren, Ramsay Boulter,
John Mays, Hugh South, Patricia South, Vicky East, Alison Loder, Denise Sp !ding, Brenda Watts, Joe Watts, Aimee Longley,
Kim Sharpe, Tom Bell, Craig Martin, Ellie Harvey, Carol Whitmore, Martin Whitmore, Stephen Grain, Ryan Heath, Martyn Plant

Performers from

Phil Bevington, Craig Martin, Helen Shorthose, Darran Shorthose, Keeley Mays, Jacky Bingley, Vicki Palmer, Jacob Bassford, Vicky East, Carol Whitmore, Phoebie Bakewell, Ellie Harvey, Emily Jones, Will Shorthose, Tim Clay, Anthony Rochelle, Stuart Bryan, Tom Bell, Nanette Goodman, Millie Gladman, Peter Barber, Alison Loder, Brenda Watts, Pippa Newbold, Kellie Vallance, Dale Palmer, Aimee Longley.

Treasurer – Emma Bassford
Publicity– Judy Peatfield
Thanks to – Live LX, John Hill Costumes, Hinckley Bid, Event Volunteers & Trustees of HCA.