Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates of the Pacific

10 January 2018 – 3 February 2018

A traditional, spectacular

by John Hill & Alan P Frayn

To Bring together a production such as Sleeping Beauty requires an awful lot of hard work from a dedicated team working throughout the year; script writing, designing & painting scenery, designing and making costumes, arranging music, auditioning, choreographing, rehearsing, lighting, sound, selling tickets… and the list goes on!

Our Production Team

Produced & Directed by John Hill
Musical Arrangements & Direction by Steve Sanders
Choreography by Carol Whitmore
Associate Choreographer Kellie Vallance
Lighting Design Pete Watts
Sets & Costumes John Hill

Our Cast


In order of appearance…
Miranda | A Magical Mermaid. – Chelsie Griffin
Davy Jones | Of Locker Fame! – Anthony Rochelle
Conchita | A Vendor – Helen Linnett
Rico | A Bar Owner – Tim Clay
Chico. – Ben Burgess
Rosita – Jessica Kerr
Maria | The Captain’s Daughter. – Emily Jones
Capt. Salmarinho | A Merchant Trader – Peter Barber
Mrs Carmen Crusoe | Robinson Crusoe’s Mother – Phil Bevington
Billy Crusoe | Robinson Crusoe’s Brother – Craig Martin
Robinson Crusoe | Our Hero – Stuart Bryan
Black Eyed Pearl | A Pirate Queen – Keeley Mays
Dead Eye Dick | An Inept Pirate – Will Shorthose
Musteatum | The Cannibal Queen – Helen Linnett
Hocus-Pocus | A Witch Doctor – Ben Burgess
Man Friday | A Native – Tim Clay

Citizens Of Rio, Sailors, Pirates, Sea Spirits & Natives

Senior Dancers/Chorus

Anna Edwards, Lucy Smith, Katie Larkin, Alicia Smith, Imogen Barrs, Tiegan Lynch, Phoebie Bakewell, Harry Thornley, Jessica Kerr

Junior Dancers

Red Team: Jasmine, Millie, Olivia, Emily, Velvet & Keira.
Blue Team: Caitlin, Savannah, Emily, Lucy, Evie & Mia.